Bangor shoppers help sister city

8:00 PM, Nov 25, 2012   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The busiest shopping weekend of the year has come to an end and a Bangor non-profit asked shoppers to shop for a good cause. The Power in Community Alliances, also known as PICA , joined in on this weekend's shop local event.

PICA held a special event to show off goods made in Bangor's sister city of Carasque in El Salvador. The small village supports itself through local embroidery and sewing cooperatives. Shoppers could grab everything from a new bag, to colorful shirts, tablecloths and children's clothes.

Kathrine Kates with PICA said, "We sell their products here because it's difficult to sell products there given that people just don't have any money."

All proceeds go back to the women running the cooperative. These handmade products are one of the few sources of income for the village.

Karen Volckhausen with PICA said, " It's real, pure fair trade. All the profits go back to the women, all of them. They work together in a beautiful community...We feel really good that we are supporting fair trade for women and they are not being exploited."

Since the early nineties, when Bangor started working with Carasque, visitors have come from the region to explore Maine and learn alternative ways to support themselves.












For more information on how to get involved or purchase some of the products visit their website.  


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