Saturday - November 10, 2012 at 7pm

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Bill Green's Maine in HD
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We'll be in the Maine North Woods where the stars are bright and some Bates College students are learning about astro photography. We'll talk with John Jennings who brought the Red Claws to Maine and now has big plans for an arena in the future. And we'll meet the man who is heard all over the world because of the animal calls he creates in Madawaska, Maine.

Original airdate: Novemer 10, 2012 at 7pm

Show number 2012-17

I really like this week's show. I'd like to sit down and watch it and see if it has the flow that good shows do. I wonder about this because we produced it on the fly. We've been doing a lot of miles and and have new shows running for three consecutive weeks. Notre Dame football--please finish on time.

The first piece this week is on Astrophotography. Anthony Shostak at the Bates College Olin Arts Center has put together an exhibit highlighting the work of some of the greatest astrophotographers in the world. Among them are a few from Maine including Kirk Rodgers who has been the subject of a profile on Bill Green's Maine.
The exhibit is meant to be a teaching tool and the college ran a seminar during a recent break in the academic schedule. The seminar took us to West Branch Pond Camps about fifteen miles east of Kokadjo in a place called Township A Range 12. Here Eric and Mildren Stirling run the oldest continuously operating sporting camp in Maine.
Their special guest during our visit was Babak Tafreshi and internationally renown astrophotographer who lectures some Bates students and faculty on the art/craft/science of astrophotography.
I am interested in the activity and mesmerized by the pictures. The best place to see them is at the Bates College exhibition of Starstruck at the Olin Arts Center.

Our interview this week is with Jon Jennings. I am so impressed with this self-made man's story. Raised by a single mom, the key to Job's success may have been his ability to find mentors. Among them; Bobby Knight, Red Auerbach and President Clinton. Having brought the Red Claws to Maine Jon is now focusing on building a multi-purpose facility at Thompson Point in Portland. With Jon at the helm, you have to expect it to be a success. Jon is also bringing Red Mango ice cream to Maine. This popular new trademark is sure to delight. Check out Jon's first franchise at the Maine Mall.

The archive piece takes us back ten years. Judy Canuso now of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has been researching saw-whet owls for more than a decade. This story looks at a night of saw-whet owl banding back when Judy was with Maine Audubon. Judy reports that saw-whets are thriving in Maine and I dare say that her good work is part of the reason why!

Part four features Dave Kelso of Madawaska. Dave creates animal call sounds and sells them to companies all over the world. Dave relies on a lifetime of experience and research to come up with the sounds. He then constructs the call by carving reeds and sound boards. His work is bought by most of the major call makers in the world.

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