Court Documents: Mutrie admitted shooting police officers

6:53 PM, Apr 23, 2012   |    comments
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PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) - There is new information in just released court documents about the drug raid and shooting that killed Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney.

According to the documents the suspect, Cullen Mutrie, admitted to a friend he shot the chief and four other officers. Mutrie made that admission before shooting his girlfriend Brittany Tibbetts and turning the gun on himself.

Their bodies were discovered in the basement of Mutrie's home.

Members of the New Hampshire Attorney General's Drug Task force had information that Mutrie and Tibbetts were dealing oxycodone out of Mutire's Post Road Home. The night of the raid they were executing a search warrant there. The new documents released are based on a second search warrant obtained the day after the shootings took place.

According to the documents several police officers arrived at Mutrie's home Thursday April 12th and about 6:22 pm. The officers attempted to gain entry into the home. As they did that they were fired upon. Several officers were shot including Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney. Chief Maloney died as a result of being shot.

Police spoke to one of Mutrie's friends, a man identified in the documents only as "shane". According to the documents "Shane said that he had spoken to Mutrie right after the shooting and Mutrie admitted that he'd shot the police officers. Mutrie also made it clear that he did not intend to come out alive."

Officers spoke briefly to Mutrie after the shootings but then several hours went by with no contact. At 1:20 am police breached the door to the house and placed a robot inside and that robot eventually located the bodies of Mutrie and Tibbetts.

The documents list 39 different items found in Mutire's home and on the property. Those items include  rifles, handguns, a vest, ammunition, drugs, powder and drug paraphernalia.


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