New food pantry opens in East Millinocket

7:19 PM, Mar 6, 2012   |    comments
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EAST MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The East Millinocket region is going through some tough times, and another food pantry is open to help those who in need.

Volunteers at Katahdin Kupboard do their best to provide food for people. Right now the shelves are a little bare, but that is a typical sight just before a delivery date.

Volunteers Marcia Michaud and Philippe Page said Katahdin Kupboard has been open for almost three months. During that time span they figure they have helped around 1,000 people eat since the food pantry opened.

"It's very important to the community. High unemployment rate, high cost of living with oil and gas and people on a fixed income really need the help," Michaud said.

Sometime this week, Michaud and the other volunteers are expecting to get a shipment of food from Good Shepherd to restock the shelves. But even when the shelves are full, Katahdin Kupboard has restrictions to make the food last. People can only get food every other week and families of all sizes will get the same amount of food except for frozen meats.

According to Michaud, the size of the family will determine how much meat they will receive. Michaud, Page and the other volunteers do this to make sure there is enough food to last until the next delivery.

"I think if it wasn't for the pantries in the area they'd probably be going out of town to other pantries," Page said.

Page and Michaud said people can donate food but the best way to help is to donate money. They said checks are the best way to donate and if you write a check, make it out to Good Shepherd and put Katahdin Kupboard in the memo.

To donate a check you can mail it to Good Shepherd directly. The address is: 3121 Hotel Rd. PO Box 1807, Auburn, ME, 04211. You can also mail a check to 1 Dirigo Drive, East Millinocket, ME, 04430.

Again, if you mail a check make sure to make it out to Good Shepherd and put Katahdin Kupboard in the memo.

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