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Video: Maine Priest receives liver transplant

Bill Green's Maine in HD

We're joining biologists who are duplicating mother nature by planting Atlantic Salmon Eggs in the Sandy River. We're talking to everyone's hero..the Kennebunk man who's been to every Superbowl game, Don Chrisman. We'll share the heartwarming story of a man who spent his life giving only to receive the greatest gift of all.


Show #: 2011-2 Original airdate: 2-5-11

This week's blog written by Bill Green:

February 5, 2011

We'll be rolling out four new shows in the next four weeks. It's going to be a wild ride.

Tonight's first story is about a new technique for stocking salmon in rivers. Biologists are taking fertilized salmon eggs and depositing them in the sandy river bottoms to create redds or spawning grounds. It makes perfect sense. This will allow the salmon to hatch out at the exact right river temperature and, the scientists hope, enter the river when there is appropriate food available. This is a new idea. Previously they had stocked salmon in the parr or smolot stages. They did this last year and live fish populations were good. We'll keep out fingers crossed.


Part two is with Don Crisman of Kennebunkport, Maine. He has been to every Super Bowl. It started as a hoot by a couple of football fans and has now become a passion. He's got wonderful stories to tell and if you don't like football, just imagine the halftime acts that he's seen. It's an interesting story.

The final story tonight is on an Episcopal Priest named Jack Fles. I know Jack, as I'm an Episcopalian and our kids have gone to summer church camps together. He's a dynamic guy and a great church leader. He has hepatitis C and his liver has been destroying itself. When his daughter Broghann turned 18, she stepped forward to donate a (four pound) piece of her liver which saved her father's life. A great family and a fun way to wrap up the show.

Thanks so much for tuning in!


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