Boating Year Round

6:55 PM, Jan 16, 2011   |    comments
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PORTLAND, ME (NEWS CENTER) -- You won't see many boats filling marina's this time of year, but for a very passionate few boating is their life year round.

Tim and Kathy Reilley bought their forty foot sailboat in August of 2010 after Tim lost his job. With both of them having a passion for the sea they decided to sell their home and belongings to move on board.

Tim says that the biggest misconception about living on a boat during the winter months is that they are always in the cold. Their boat has everything a regular home would including a very efficient furnace heater that keeps them warm no matter how cold the temperatures may be outside.

Because of the dome shape of the boats shrink wrap, they don't need to worry about snow accumulating on top of their boat because most of it slides right off. The only thing they need to worry about is the wind blowing the shrink wrap. They say they haven't had any troubles yet this winter.

At Dimillo's in Portland there is a community of boaters that stick out the winter months on their boats. Many of the people say if you have a passion for the sea, then you would find more pros then cons living on the water. If the sound of having Casco Bay practically to yourself doesn't sound good, how about not needing to shovel.

Tim and Kathy both currently work in Portland and say that one of their favorite parts of living on the boat is being able to walk or ride their bikes to work. Something very different from what they were use to when living in their home in the country.  


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