Putting a new spin on lawnmowers

6:55 PM, Oct 1, 2010   |    comments
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FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Soon we'll be putting our lawnmowers to bed for the winter.  Did you know that gas mowers are considered terrible for the environment. Paul Tukey of safelawns.org says a 10 year old gas powered mower does more polluting in one hour than a brand new car running all year long. They  spew particulate matter into the air.

Tukey says that collectively we use about about a billion gallons of gas a year to mow our lawns, and spill more gas putting it into the mower than was spilled by the  Exxon Valdeez.

Tukey says reel mowers are the way to go, but they have always been tough to push. Now a company called Fiskars has invented a momentum mower. It's easy to change the height and it mows higher than most. It's easy to push, you won't breathe in fumes, and it's quiet.

Check out fiskars.com for more information.



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