Midcoast taking Earl's threat seriously

7:34 PM, Sep 2, 2010   |    comments
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CAMDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- People in harbors along Midcoast Maine are bracing for Hurricane Earl, with predictions the storm could be more intense in the area than originally expected.

Boat owners and boat yards were busy all day Thursday hauling boats out of the water -what one boater told News Center was the only real safe place during a hurricane. Many harbors in the midcoast face toward the south or southeast, and are somewhat sheltered from the north.

Camden Harbormaster Steve Pixley said his harbor is one of those, and said many of the anchorage spots should be fairly well protected from the wind of Earl, and from the rough seas.

But in other places, such as Rockland and Tenant's Harbor, which are more exposed to the east wind, boaters were taking extra precautions. All harbormasters in the area were advising boaters to take their small dinghies and tenders out of the water, and haul larger boats out if they can.

For those boats that stay in the water, harbormasters were advising to make sure they have two or even three mooring or anchor lines that boats are protected from rubbing against docks or other boats and to be sure boats are moored in a protected spot.

Those are getting harder to find, because every boat owner who does not already have a safe spot has been looking for one. Harbormasters were offering advice and trying to help boaters find the best places to ride out the storm.



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