Insecticide suspected in bee Colony Collapse Disorder

3:46 PM, Jul 16, 2010   |    comments
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FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- We need bees to pollinate our plants. But bees are disappearing.

Colony Collapse Disorder is name that has been given to the sudden disappearance of bee colonies.

The bees are getting disoriented for some reason. They can't find their way back to the hive and they eventually die. Some scientists now believe the bee disorientation could be due to a pesticide called Imidacloprid, a synthetic nicotine used in pesticides. Paul Tukey's group, Safelawns. org is asking people to avoid pesticides that include Imidicloprid.

There are many organic alternatives in pest control now on the market. One of Paul's favorites is Eco-Smart. The active ingredients  are peppermint, cinnamon and sesame seed oils. All are considered  food grade, and safe.

Paul says you still want to read the labels of the organic products and use the proper protection.



























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