Williams College Professor Ed Burger

9:05 AM, Jun 29, 2010   |    comments
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207 Ed Burger


Baylor University has named Professor Edward Burger, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Gaudino Scholar at Williams College, as the 2010 recipient of the Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching, the only national teaching award - with the single largest monetary reward of $200,000 - presented by a college or university to an individual for exceptional teaching.

In his textbook, The Heart of Mathematics, he offers his favorite top ten mathematical ways of thinking:

  1. Just do it.
  2. Make mistakes and fail but never give up.
  3. Keep an open mind.
  4. Explore the consequences of new ideas.
  5. Seek the essential.
  6. Understand the issue.
  7. Understand simple things deeply.
  8. Break a difficult problem into easier ones.
  9. Examine issues from several points of view.
  10. Look for patterns and similarities.

For more information on Professor Burger click here:  EDWARD BURGER


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