Migratory fish inch up Sedgeunkedunk Stream in wake of dam removals

7:51 PM, Jun 18, 2010   |    comments
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BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Several dams along parts of the Sedgeunkedunk Stream in Brewer and Orrington have been removed over the years and researchers at the University of Maine say that has had a positive effect on fish communities there.

U. Maine students have been busy capturing and tagging sea lamprey along a stretch of the stream in Brewer. They say since the Brewer Dam was removed last year, the lamprey have now been able to build their nests five more kilometers upstream.

The town of Orrington also had the Meadow Dam taken out even further up the Sedgeunkedunk two years ago and a rock ramp fishway now sits in its place.

Wildlife professor Steve Coghlan says this has caused a number of migratory fish to move further upstream as a result, which include sea lamprey, alewives and Atlantic salmon.

"This year now that that dam {i.e. Brewer Dam} has been out for almost a year, we find Atlantic salmon all the way up through the entire stream...through this fishway here," he said, "So its very market changes in Atlantic salmon."

Coghlan and his team have been sampling fish in the Sedgeunkedunk Stream for the last four years. He adds that the abundance and size of different types of fish have also increased since the dams were removed.









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