Maine builders readying for new construction standards

6:02 PM, Apr 19, 2010   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The state is working out the final details of the new Uniform Building and Energy Code, which will, for the first time, require all new buildings in the Maine to meet certain construction and energy conservation standards.

The Code was mandated by the Legislature two years ago, and a team led by the department of Public Safety has been putting it together. The Code combines several existing national codes, including the 2009 International Building Code and the 2009 International Residential Code. The energy conservation requirements are still being written.

According to Richard Dolby, acting director of Building Codes and Standards for the state, the code will be a comprehensive guideline for construction of all new commercial and residential buildings.

This will be a sweeping change for Maine, because, says Dolby, more than 100 of our towns and cities have no building code whatsoever.

In addition, the new code will apply to both professional builders and "do-it-yourselfers" who are planning new buildings or additions.

The law requires communities with more than 2,000 residents to adopt the code. Smaller communities, according to Dolby, will not have to adopt it but buildings in those towns will still be subject to the code. Cities and towns that already have a building code will be required to adopt the new one by December of this year. Communities without codes will be required to adopt the state code by 2012.

The code is still being completed, and so far details are not on line, but additional background information can be found at the Maine Department of Public Safety and the Maine State Planning Office.


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