Pirates and Civic Center board still talking

6:33 PM, Feb 24, 2010   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Civic Center Board of Trustees and the Portland Pirates seem to have the same goal -- keeping the team in Maine.

On Wednesday morning, the Board of Trustees met in executive session to talk about the issue. The Pirate's lease at the Civic Center is about to expire. The team wants to stay but also wants an improved financial deal.

Neal Pratt, a member of the Board, says it's a balancing act for the County.

"Every person at the county level, at the city level, that I've spoken to, recognizes the value that the Pirates have brought over the many years to the city and to the region. And nobody wants that to change," says Pratt.

The problem is that after six years of being in the black, the Civic Center was in the red last year. There's not a lot of room, he says, to negotiate.

"We can't do anything other than adhere to our duty to the taxpayers and as a result we have to balance what the Pirates or any franchise would bring to the community economically and culturally, against what the cost is," says Pratt.

The Board planned to meet again with Pirate's management Wednesday afternoon.


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