Police still investigating Waldoboro animal abuse case

8:04 PM, Dec 21, 2009   |    comments
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WALDOBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Police in Waldoboro are still working on a case of animal abuse that apparently caused the deaths of seven horses. The owner of those horses was keeping them on someone else's land, and it was that property owner who alerted animal control that something was wrong.

One horse was found dead, two others had to be euthanized, and investigators found out four other horses had been put down and buried in the fall.

The surviving eight horses have now been adopted by new owners, and are recovering at good homes.

People who work with animals say they're afraid we may see more cases like this, because the economy is putting pressure on some animals owners. Shelter managers say they've been seeing more dogs and cats given up because owners can't afford to care for them.

They want animal owners to ask for help if they need it, and say there are a variety of things the shelter may be able to do, from providing temporary food or medical assistance to finding new homes.

As for the horses, Waldoboro Police Chief Bill Labombard says his investigators will be meeting soon with the district attorney to decide if animal abuse charges will be filed against the man who owned those horses.




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