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5:15 PM, Feb 3, 2014   |    comments
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  • Through the years I have featured a number of different workouts on Fit at Five. It has been an incredible opportunity to take part in many of the classes, but there has always been one type of workout in particular that has intrigued me as well as intimidated me. It was time to give CrossFit a shot. My goal over three months was to take part in at least three classes a week and become a CrossFit athlete.

    Over the years CrossFit has been gaining the reputation for getting the job done. Even though each workout is different, they always involve some sort of strength, mobility and functional movement. CrossFit Beacon trainer Tyson Weems says "The model is based on coaching so we can get into things that are fairly technical." A good portion of classes are spent developing and improving skills so that CrossFitters can become well rounded athletes. If you are used to workout classes featuring an hour of non-stop action you will not find it here, but the CrossFit structure works. "We do burn calories all day. If we've squatted heavy or did something hard for 5 or 10 minutes that's going to have an impact different from going slow for an hour."

    Many of the things you do in CrossFit I had never done before. Box jumps had always frightened me and I had never done a pull up in my life. Before I was allowed to take a CrossFit class I spent three days working one on one with CrossFit Beacon trainer Annie Michel. She showed me how to properly life weights and yes, even how to box jump. Proper alignment and technique is a big focus in CrossFit to help avoid injury.

    Many people in the CrossFit community follow a Paleo or a no bread type diet. Annie told me that in the beginning of my CrossFit journey I shouldn't try to revamp my eating habits. I could see why, after the first couple weeks my body was in such shock from the different workouts that I seriously could have eaten everything in sight. By the end of three months though I was able to start focusing on eating clean and had lost about 5 inches. (YAY!)

    I look back at how far I had come in just three months at CrossFit Beacon with pride. I'm truly a different person. Not only did it help change my body, but I regained the confidence lost after having a baby. I looked forward to coming to class and seeing the faces in the tight knit Beacon community. Each class filled with welcoming and supportive people. In just three short months I felt like I was part of that community and could officially call myself a CrossFit athlete.

    For more information about CrossFit and CrossFit Beacon check out the link posted below. Have a CrossFit in your town that you love? Please feel free to share in the comment section below.

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