Fit at Five: Partners Medicine Ball Workout

5:36 PM, Sep 24, 2012   |    comments
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  • Studies have shown that working out in a group or with a partner can lead to a more productive workout. On this Fit at Five Personal Trainer Joe Schacht of Dynamics Fitness shows us a full body partner circuit you can do all with one simple piece of equipment...a medicine ball.

    Partner Squat Toss:
    Stand facing your partner with your feet shoulder width apart. Partner A starts with a squat while holding the medicine ball. When they come up they then toss the ball to partner B. Partner B will then squat while holding the ball. Then toss the ball once they come up. (Repeat) 

    Twist Toss:
    Both partners will be facing forward with feet shoulder width apart. Partner A cradling the ball will then twist their torso, turning shoulders away from partner B. They will then twist toward partner B and toss the ball to them. Partner B will the catch the ball, twist aways from partner B, and then twist back to them tossing the ball. (Repeat)

    Kneeling Medicine Ball Chest Pass/Push Up -
    Both partners are kneeling facing each other. Partner A tosses the ball to partner B and then leans forward into a push up. Once they return to their knees partner B then tosses the ball back to them and leans forward into a push up. (Repeat) Keep in mind that the faster you pop up from your push up the harder the exercise will be.

    Medicine Ball Slam -
    Both partners stand facing each other with feet hip width apart. Partner A reaches the ball over their head and then slams it down to the ground towards their partner. Partner B catches the ball after one bounce, reaches the ball over their head, and then slams it down on the ground back towards partner A. (Repeat) Want to make this move harder? Try adding a jump when you lift the ball over your head.




























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