Fit at Five: Maine Senior Games

10:12 PM, Jul 29, 2012   |    comments
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  • A little healthy competition never hurt anyone. In fact it helps you set goals and gives you motivation to get in shape. On this Fit at Five we show you that your competitive spirit doesn't have to fade as you age. The Maine Senior Games prove just that.

    Saturday July 21st was track and field day for the Maine Senior Games. Their first event of the Summer. Through the year 18 different events will be help is sports like basketball, bowling, and tennis. Jo Dill of Maine Senior Games tells us that events like these are important in keeping the senior community active.

    "Many people, like myself, when we went to high school we played sports. Then when we went to college there was nothing there. Then of course you get sedentary, because there is nothing there. Now there is something available."

    The Maine Senior Games are not just about competitions. They're creating a community. Offering a place that people are welcomed and encouraged to try something new and get moving. We have provided a link to the Maine Senior Games for more information.
























































































































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