Fit at Five: Fitness on Demand

4:35 PM, Apr 16, 2012   |    comments
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Trying to coordinate your schedule along with a gym's class schedule can be challenging. If you are missing out on taking the class you want to take because of timing we have a solution for you. On this Fit at Five we check out a new service that is starting to pop up in gyms. It's the workouts you want. When you want. All at the touch on your finger tips.

At a 24 hour gym like Snap Fitness convenience is key. They have now introduced a new feature for their clients. It's a fitness on demand program which makes around 20 different workout classes available to their clients through just the touch of a screen. Now clients can come workout and take a class even at 2am if they want.

The fitness on demand kiosk provides you with all the class categories, class length, and intensity. The preview screen also lets you know the equipment that you will need for each class. Just press play and get ready to workout. The workout room can hold anywhere from one client up to fifteen people at a time. If another class is in session the kiosk allows you to add your class to the cue.

We have provided a link to SNAP Fitness for more information.


































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