Fit at Five: Pilates

9:49 AM, Oct 9, 2012   |    comments
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Pilates is known as a great workout that helps build the foundation of a strong core. Something that becomes even more important as we age. On this Fit at Five we show you how this workout is making a difference with the senior age group helping them regain their flexibility and mobility.

Over at Studio 59 Pilates Fitness in Westbrook you don't need to be 20 or 30 years old to do pilates. Owner Stacy Darkis tells us "It's incredibly helpful for seniors. First of all the flexibility that it helps them gain. The strength in their muscles. It's just all around a really really good type of exercise for them."

Through Pilates Stacy has helped clients walk again without relying on a cane or walker. Gaining that independence in mobility back is a huge boost in confidence. Plus it helps to sharpen the mind.

We have provided a link to Studio 59 Pilates Fitness for more information on their classes. If you know of a Pilates studio in your town please feel free to share in the comments section below.








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