Morning Report celebrates National Pancake Day

12:37 PM, Mar 4, 2014

(NEWS CENTER) -- To celebrate National Pancake Day, Scot Fuller, owner of the Chadwick Bed and Breakfast, came in to the Morning Report to make Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes.

Luau recipes - a bruschetta and ceviche!

11:40 AM, Feb 25, 2014

PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER) -- Erin Dow from Hannaford helped the Morning Report get into the festive mood by sharing some delicious summer-inspired recipes!

Hot Wing Cookoff preview featuring local chefs

11:32 AM, Feb 25, 2014

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The first ever hot wing cookoff challenge is taking place Thursday night, but before the big event, we had a mini-cookoff on the Morning Report.

Portland B&B owner is a finalist in national contest

11:30 AM, Feb 25, 2014

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Bed and breakfasts are known for their cozy settings, hot coffee, and decadent breakfasts.

RECIPE: Valentine's Day pretzel treats

5:50 PM, Feb 13, 2014

(NEWS CENTER) -- If you're searching for something fun to do on Valentine's Day, we have a special treat for you. Especially if you and your family are snowed in because of this winter storm. 

Boost nutrition with garden veggies in everyday meals

6:41 AM, Aug 19, 2013

(NEWS CENTER) -- Summer is winding down, but your garden is probably still going strong.

Oat milk: A nutritious, dairy-free alternative

6:34 AM, Jul 29, 2013

(NEWS CENTER) -- Cutting back on dairy may help trim your waistline and give your digestion system a bit of a break.

Burgers & dogs again? Not when you grill with Erin Dow

8:09 AM, Jul 1, 2013

(NEWS CENTER) -- Are the kids tired of burgers and hot dogs on the grill for dinner again?

Grilling up some corn and fish with Chef Shannon Bard

6:17 AM, May 29, 2013

(NEWS CENTER) -- The Kennebunkport Festival is only a few days away and will feature many talented chefs including Shannon Bard of Zapoteca.

Why you should serve lobster during the holidays and all year

6:48 PM, Dec 6, 2012

ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It was a tough summer for Maine lobstermen. The catch was huge, but prices were very low. That prompted a lot of talk about how the public can help sustain and even bolster this local food source and industry.

Holiday entertaining with lobster

8:47 AM, Nov 30, 2012

The recipe from Lobster Chef of the Year Chef Kerry Altiero :

Being that my notion of "Going South" in winter means I go the 'Keag store in South Thomaston for a bowl of chowder, I get my vacation any old time by eating the foods of "Where it is warm". This usually involves Chili peppers, lime juice & Cilantro. We call this group "The Usual Suspects".

We will be serving this "Lobster Cocktail" in a Martini or Cosm

Turkey: the star of the Thanksgiving show!

7:21 AM, Nov 23, 2012

NEW SHARON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- All week we've been showing you where some of the stars of Thanksgiving dinner come from. But let's be serious - the turkey is the main attraction!

How sweet it is to eat homemade pie

8:58 AM, Nov 21, 2012

CAPE NEDDICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Before you even step foot into Pie in the Sky on Route 1 in Cape Neddick, you can smell the magic that's baking inside.

Thankful for family, thankful for potatoes

8:55 AM, Nov 21, 2012

NEW LIMERICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's a brisk November day in New Limerick, but there are potatoes that need to be picked.

Ricker Hill Orchards diversifies with cranberries

8:46 AM, Nov 21, 2012

TURNER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- When we think about harvesting cranberries, we typically envision a flooded bog.

Autumnal recipes with Melissa Kim

5:40 PM, Oct 31, 2012

(NEWS CENTER) - Each season inspires new recipes.

Summer is the time for salads, winter is the time for chili or soup.

But fall calls for a certain flavor: pumpkin.

Melissa Kim takes a look at spicing up your autumn appetite.

Top of the Crop: Ancho Dusted Filet

7:16 AM, Oct 19, 2012

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Locally grown food gets the gourmet treatment at a cooking competition in Portland.

Top of the Crop: Slow Braised Pork Belly

7:05 AM, Oct 18, 2012

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Locally grown food gets the gourmet treatment at a cooking competition in Portland.

Lobsterpalooza continues along the Midcoast

7:25 AM, Aug 30, 2012

ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Dave Cooke from Amalfi on the Water in Rockland visits the MORNING REPORT to cook one of his Lobsterpalooza featured dishes.

What makes some snacks healthier than others?

7:09 AM, Aug 27, 2012

(NEWS CENTER) -- Snack time is an important part of any school day, but how do you know if you're making the right choices for your kids?

Grilling Week: Buck's Naked BBQ

7:05 AM, Jul 18, 2012

Grill On! Buck's Naked BBQ of Freeport and Windham, grilled up some unique twists on classic recipes on our grill deck this Wednesday of Grill Week. We're letting you in on the secret recipes!

Kick up the fiesta: Day 2 of Grill Week

6:50 AM, Jul 17, 2012

(NEWS CENTER) -- Kicking up the fiesta level on the Morning Report, Margaritas Restaurant is in for day two of our week-long grilling special.

Sharon's Simple Grilled Chicken

8:18 AM, Jul 16, 2012

Hot sauce is burnin' down the studio

6:35 AM, Jun 6, 2012

(NEWS CENTER) -- Dan Stevens of Captain Mowatt's Fiery Foods brought his award winning hot sauces on to the Morning Report.

Stromboli with Poland Fire & Rescue

6:20 AM, Apr 2, 2012

POLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Middle school students in the Poland area are learning valuable life lessons outside of the classroom.

Fire House Grille burger & onion rings

6:45 AM, Mar 5, 2012

AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- In this week's addition of Fire It Up, we head to Auburn to test out a new restaurant opened by two firefighters.

Father & son firefighters make gumbo

9:05 AM, Feb 22, 2012

SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Fighting fires is a skill Bob Cailler passed down to his son, Troy; along with some tasty recipes.

Smoked Turkey from Aroostook County

7:53 AM, Feb 13, 2012

LIMESTONE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Warm up in these cold temperatures with a recipe for smoked turkey - packed with a kick - thanks to the Aroostook Fire Protection District 1.