Machias-area girl gets national attention

6:47 PM, Aug 23, 2010   |    comments
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MARSHFIELD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --  A Marshfield girl who helps her Game Warden father train his police dog gets national attention from American Girl Magazine.

Libby Carter of Marshfield likes to greet her dad when he comes home from work.  She also likes to greet his partner, a search and rescue dog named Czack.  She feeds and waters the one hundred pound "canine officer."

Libby helps her father train Czack by pretending that she is a missing person.  She will hide in the woods near their home.  Czack always finds her.

American Girl Magazine profiled Libby and Czack in an article entitled "Top Dogs."

"I was really amazed," said Libby about the national attention.  She notes that bad people might be afraid of Czack but she thinks he is "friendly, loving and sometimes a show off."

The magazine pointed out that Libby and Czack often curlup on the couch and that Czack becomes a 100-pound pillow.


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