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Bill Green's Maine in HD

This week on Bill Green's Maine, we'll be in Maine's back country for the "Untamed New England 200 Mile Adventure Race." We'll meet Bucksport native Andy Silvernail who Forbes dot com called America's fourth most powerful CEO under 40. And we'll cruise Moosehead Lake on the Steamer Katahdin.

Show #2012-11

Original air date: 7/14/12

2012-11 Blog 
Written by Bill Green

July 15, 2012

Show #274 (Tying Donna Reed and Perry Mason!)

Oh, I'm trying to enjoy this summer! It's been a great stretch of weather. I hope you're enjoying it too. It's been a great summer for personal fitness. The ultra-athletes came to Maine for an adventure race. One of the first adventure races ever held was in Maine over this same country. The Untamed New England 200 Mile Adventure Race covered some of Maine's most beautiful and most rugged back country. The winning team took three days!

Our interview this week is with Andrew Silvernail. Andrew is the very definition of the self-made man. If you ever feel like you can't do it, consider the story of Andrew and try again. He's a great guy and I really enjoyed meeting him and his wife Shelby. They are a great couple and I wish them all the best. By the way, I made a mistake in this story. I talk about his company IDEX. It is a Chicago-based manufacturer and marketer of specialty engineering products that operates all over the world. It is not eh same company as IDEXX which is a diagnostics and global technology solutions company based in Westbrook. I had made note of the difference in my original introduction which I eventually changed and may have left some audience members in the dark. Here's more information about IDEX.

The archive story is about Winter Moths another invasive that has come our way. We all must be aware of all invasives when we travel.

And finally, the steamer Katahdin, which is no longer a steamer. Still, she's a valued and precious part of Moosehead Lake and wonderful way to while away an afternoon. Just like the best way to see the Maine coast is from a boat, the best way to see Moosehead is from the Kate!

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