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Bill Green's Maine in HD

This week on Bill Green's Maine, we're deep in the forest hunting for the wild foods of Maine. We'll take you on a bumpy ride with world class mogul skier Jeremy Cota. And who do you think you are? Helen Hunt found out her family had roots in Maine!


Show # 2012-8

Original airdate: May 12, 2012

First. this is my dog's 12th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mac! Part one is about a subject he loves, looking for food in the woods. Foraging is a popular pursuit. David Spahr is a naturalist, photographer and forager who really knows the woods. You may want to check out his website for more information

His book Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms of New England remains in the Amazon top ten of mushroom books despite its regional appeal. It's a nice piece of work which feature's David's own photography.


Our interview is with Jeremy Cota. Jeremy continues to climb the mountain in the rankings of freestyle skiers. I can't believe how he rips up a bumps course, especially because I tweaked my knee on a squishy bump just six weeks ago. I learn a lot from my interview subjects. I asked Jeremy the secret to his success and he said, "I enjoy the process." A lot of people want to be champs, but don't want to do the work necessarily to develop into that athlete. Jeremy is a great young man and I wish him all the best.


Part three is the Green Outdoors from Monday night. It's a French game called Petanque or Pay-Tonk'. It's sort of like bocce. There are three centers of Petanque in Maine; Blue Hill, Augusta and Old Orchard Beach. It's a lot of fun and easy to play, but not to perfect.


We wrap it up tonight with a look at the TV show "Who Do You Think You Are." The interesting feature for me was Helen Hunt who traced her ancestry back to Portland and learned that her Great Great Grandmother Augusta Hunt was the first woman to vote in Portland. The program did a great job handling the Women's Christian Temperance Union, a group which is generally misunderstood, but improved the lives of the millions of people.

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