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This week on Bill Green's Maine, we'll find out what's living up on the roof. We'll meet Olympic Gold Medalist Ellie Logan of Boothbay and talk with her about her effort to win a second gold in London. And we'll look at how Maine prepared for the cold war.

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July 20, 2012
Written by Bill Green

Hey kids, old Bill here to tell you how excited I was 43 years ago today because Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren were walking around on the moon. It was so exciting! Trivia question: How many remember that the guy orbiting the moon in the command module was named Michael Collins?

The seagull piece is my baby. I'm so sick of seagulls pooping on my car! However, as always with this job, it's fun to learn both sides of the story. The researchers at UNE are making interesting discoveries and it was interesting to learn about Urban Wildlife Ecology.

Let's start with the interview. Olympic Gold Medalist Ellie Logan of Boothbay is getting ready to defend it with here teammates. The eights is the glamour boat. Ellie is the stronger rower on a boat that seems to be the favorite by all accounts. However, the field is very competitive. Ellie is 24 and has changed enormously over the last four years. She is such an impressive athlete. I know it's only four years, but 24 seems so much more mature than 20! She is a wonderful person and a talented athlete who thinks she may have three more Olympics in her! Go Ellie!
This is a link to the NBC website--it has everything you need to know about the Olympics. Please don't miss our Olympic Zone show starting July 27th!

Beach Boot Camp. These folks are doing it right. I call it the "Curves" method where you get there, exercise hard and fast for a reasonably brief period and then go about your day. This is a great idea and what a nice environment!

Finally tonight, we're going to visit a bomb shelter. The concept seems funny today, but the Greens were just going to run into the basement and worry about radiation. A few families had bomb shelters right in their yards. In this story, we visit the Crooker family shelter and talk with MEMA officials about the old days and what we do today if there is a disaster.


Here's a link to Maine Emergency Management's website.

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