Natalie Terry is matriarch of the mountain

6:46 PM, Feb 11, 2012   |    comments
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CARRABASSETT VALLEY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Natalie Terry has seen many changes in her 42 years as a ski instructor. She has taught more than 23,000 skiers.  Her total is slightly greater than the population of the city of Auburn.

Natalie started instructing when her kids were in the race program at Sugarloaf.  She maintains a Level III Certification from the U. S. Professional Ski Instructors Association.

"A good student has to be motivated," she told NEWS CENTER. "You can motivate them, but if they come with more motivation it's easier on me."

Natalie is well known for lying about her age.  She has been saying that she is 79 for nine years.

She is beloved by the skiing community.  "I thought I was a ski instructor," said Bob Tripi of Sugarloaf's Perfect Turn Ski School.  "I went out with her and listened to her and came back said, 'Wow!' what a professional."

Natalie has one recommendation for any skier and that is to "Have fun!"


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