Green Outdoors: 10-year-old achieves outdoor grand slam

6:12 PM, Dec 5, 2011   |    comments
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ACTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Ten year old A. J. Davis of Acton shot a turkey, a bear, a moose and a deer.  This makes him one of the youngest Maine hunters to ever complete the grand slam.

A. J. is the son of Scott and Richie Davis, both of whom are active hunters.  In fact, his mother has what is called a career grand slam having shot each of the big four over her lifetime.

Scott has never had a moose permit and calls being drawn for the permit that the hardest part of getting the slam is being drawn in the lottery.  Scott was actually at the moose permit lottery at Cabella's calling off names when he heard that A. J. had been drawn. A. J. was sitting right by the public address speaker. "I was sitting by a bunch of people and the guy went up and called a bunch of names and my name was there. I was like, 'yea'"

Together, father and son hunted all seasons with A. J. shooting a 20 pound turkey in May, a 220 pound bear in September, a 625 pound moose in October and a 100 pound deer on Halloween.

Because his birthday falls in January, A. J. is not the youngest ten year old to complete the grand slam, but he has joined an exclusive club.


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