Chris Lombard's art of natural horsemanship

11:20 PM, Mar 6, 2014   |    comments
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DURHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The idea of natural horsemanship is growing in the equestrian world. It uses communication techniques observed from the behavior of horses in the wild. Chris Lombard of Durham uses his own style of training to help horse owners with their four legged counterparts.

Lombard has been helping riders with their horses in for several years. He worked as a horse hand in Arizona, California and Colorado before moving back to Maine to practice Natural Horsemanship.

"My goal is to as much have that horse be a part of it and looking to do the things that I'm asking it to do. Wanting to be a part of it, wanting to do this together," said Lombard.

Several of his customers have benefited from his program, including Sue Meservier. Her 3-year-old Mare, Lexie, is almost a completely different horse from what she was a year ago. It's what Meservier has discovered in herself that surprises her the most.

"Being willing to and being patient enough to just revisit those things and know that it's a journey and it's a process," said Meservier. "It's not about arriving."

Lombard's book "Land of the Horses" talks about what got him interested in horses to begin with, as well as his journey to the horseman he is now. To find out more about his training program or to order a copy of his book you can visit his website,


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