207 - What's Trending - September 5, 2013

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207 - What's Trending - September 5, 2013

We're starting us off with what Mainer's are watching on YouTube?

While this video has been up for a few weeks now, it has been exceptionally popular with Mainers. It's a video that captures a sinkhole collapse at the Assumption Parish in Louisiana. It's fascinating video, and has been the number 1 most watched video for Mainers all week.


According to a report from WAFB, the sinkhole actually opened up in August of 2012 but was exceptionally small. It was formed when a salt cavern collapsed. They say this type of collapse happens when the sinkhole "burps"




Like a smart phone, we now have smart watches. It's still up in the air how people feel about this, but the cost is going to be pretty high. The Samsung one is starting off at $299 and will function like a smart phone, but on your wrist. It also needs your phone to do everything that makes it cool. It has a small hard drive and is right now very limited. Basically, in my opinion, this is all cool -- if you're Batman, but for the rest of us it's rather expensive and not fully ready to go yet. Also there hasn't been a big consumer demand for it either. So we'll see what happens.
-Sony, Smasung have them, Apple is anticipated to have one soon.

Just Delete Me:

"Just Delete Me" is a new service from a guy who discovered it's harder than we think to remove ourselves from the various services and apps that we sign up for over the years. As he found some, like Netlfix are impossible to delete. So this site walks you through how to delete your accounts to go offline. The site offers direct links to allow you to delete yourself from a site or an app. It also includes how easy, hard or impossible each service might be:



British Airways and Twitter:

Hasan Syed was very angry with British Airways after he says they lost his luggage. After he couldn't get through to them, he took to Twitter to vent, but unlike most Twitter users, he decided to purchase a promoted Tweet (which is like a commercial on Twitter) that went out to 50,000 Twitter users in the UK and New York.
The tweet said

"Don't fly @BritishAirways Their customer service is horrendous."

And that tweet cost him initially $1,000 (and more since then) and he has since said it was worth every penny. After a little back and forth he says his situation was taken care of. This idea does raise a lot of questions. Can you pay to slander someone? Can someone get sued over this? Twitter hasn't said anything about it yet, so it's worth keeping an eye on. It's uncharted territory for social media.


"Oh Sweet Lorraine"
In case you missed it -- a 96 year old man has gone viral on YouTube and iTunes. This is a very touching story that is seeing millions of hits on YouTube and huge downloads on iTunes. "A Letter from Fred" looks at a music contest that sought to get folks to upload their tracks on YouTube. Fred, who is 96, send in a letter with a song he wrote for his wife of 75 years who had recently passed. It's a very touching story that concludes with his song being professionally made and becoming a major hit on iTunes. Take a listen:



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