207's What's Trending - July 11, 2013

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(207) - We're looking at What's Trending in Maine this week. Keith Carson is trending!!

It was announced this week that Keith is leaving us for The Weather Channel. We've had well over 1200 well wishes on the WCSH6 Facebook page so we followed that up with a great photo gallery of the many faces of Keith and some of the funny poses we've had him in over the last few years. Check it out here:
The many faces of Keith Carson at NEWS CENTER!

PHOTOS: http://on.wcsh6.com/153xpL7

 Also big this week, Facebook's Graph Search now open for everyone. So what do you need to know? I've written a few quick tips for you here: 


Last week it was Maine's own Chris Cassidy was in space running alongside the York, Maine marathon runners. This week, Astronaut Karen Nyberg did a video demonstrating how they washing their hair in space (International Space Station/NASA):


And speaking of trending videos, this is the number 1 thing Mainer's have been watching this week on YouTube "Cheetahs chases antelope into a tourists car"

Jeremy Veach, is a photographer from Seattle. He adopted his pug Norm a little over a year ago just when the pug was eight weeks old. Every single day since, he has documented Norm's life on Instagram. He around 30,000 followers. Check it out here:


Looking at Norm has led us to this guy too, Andrew Knapp who has a very creative way of photo graphing his border collie. He also photographs his dog everyday, but in a Where's Waldo" kind of way:


Finally, do you suffer from FOMO -- The Fear of Mising Out? A new study (from Harris Interactive) shows that social media addiction is hitting a new high. 56% of social users say they suffer from a fear of missing out on something posted on social networks. The same study says that 52% of people say that they have or want to take a vacation from social media as well.

See the study results here: http://mashable.com/2013/07/09/fear-of-missing-out/

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