Outdoor Sportsman program challenges outdoorsmen

6:17 PM, Feb 25, 2013   |    comments
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Augusta, ME (NEWS CENTER)-- Maine is unique in the way it allows recreationists access to the outdoors. With slight exception, if land is not posted, access is allowed.

A new program called Outdoor Partners is designed to continue and enhance the relationship between landowners and recreationists.

Those who buy hunting and fishing licenses are being asked to contribute an additional fifteen dollars.  The money will go to a fund dedicated to keeping privately owned land open to the public. Specifically, the money will go for education, signage and enhanced enforcement by wardens.

Those who subscribe to the program will receive discounts at most Maine outdoor retailers as well as to its two major outdoor periodicals. There are also passes to the Maine Wildlife Park, Swan Island and the North Maine Woods.

Sportsman are asked to abide by a code of ethics which basically involves respecting land, landowners and others who recreate.  They are also asked to volunteer one day a year to assist a landowner whose land they use.


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