Green Outdoors: Bow season opens in Maine

12:45 PM, Oct 1, 2012   |    comments
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NORTH YARMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- More than 10,000 archers are eligible to take to the field as Bow Hunting Season opens in Maine. It will end with the Traditional Firearm Season on Deer on November 24.

Many hunters prefer hunting with a bow than a rifle.  George Tar is one of them.  Tar shot an eight-point buck last week during a special archery season and was back at it as he was eligible again when Bow Hunting Season began statewide.

Tar is attracted to "the thrill of being in the stand waiting for the perfect shot." He notes that a lot or work goes into being in the right place to take the perfect shot from.

Bow hunters are attracted to the relative privacy of the woods until the gun hunters arrive on October 27. The woods will also change a great deal between now and then. Tar says, "When the season starts, you get into a lot of leaves and then the leaves start to fall and you get a chance to see certain windows when you get an opportunity to take a certain shot." He also notes that temperatures are warmer and days are longer for the bow hunters.

Steve Dunsmoor of Lakeside Archery in North Yarmouth says the sport is growing in popularity.  He notes a number of kids are taking archery lessons in response to the Summer Olympics and the popularity of "The Hunger Games."

Dunsmoor offers safety courses in his facility which also serves a deer tagging station.



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