Rich Brooks on video apps

2:30 PM, Aug 15, 2012   |    comments
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With our smart phones we have powerful video cameras in our pockets. Many of our smart phones can take 1080p HD video, but there's still a few ways in which we can make our video better and more interesting by using some video apps available in the iTunes store or Droid Market.

What do these tools do?
• Take better videos
• Add interesting filters
• Allow us to edit our videos on our phone
• Share our videos with others
So what do you have to show us today?

Most of the apps out there can either take video on the fly or import it from your video library on your phone. Two that offered interesting filters were Viddy and Camera Plus Pro.

Viddy only allows short videos, but allows you to add interesting filters and music to your clips. This is a very social tool, in the way that Instagram is for photos, pushing you to share your videos on the web.

Camera Plus Pro is better for just taking videos, but lacks some of the sharing features. It's got a number of filters that you can swipe between, including some trippy ones like Inverse and Mirror. You can click on the screen for different focus points. There's no limits on length.

It seems like these apps have a lot of interesting filters.

Yes, but if you miss the days of your dad's Super 8, you're going to love iSupr8, that turns your iPhone into a old fashioned video camera.

The app is free and comes with one type of "film cartridge," but you can buy more for different types of effect. You can control the scratches, vignette, grain and flickr to get that perfect super 8 vibe. You can shoot standard or in HD.

Like some of the other apps, there are some social sharing features with iSupr8 as well.

What else can you do besides adding filters?

There are a number of video editing apps out there, but one of the most robust is iMovie. This app costs $4.99, but allows you to add, edit and delete clips for your movie, add still images, split and trim clips, add titles, audio tracks and more.

You mentioned you had one "novelty" app. What is it? It allows you to take super short videos, like two or three seconds, and turn them into animated gifs. You can even select sections of the clip that don't move, but create a mask that allows other parts to move.


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