New system for Maine's moose lottery

4:47 PM, Mar 5, 2012   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--The State of Maine has made changes to its Moose Permit Lottery System.  The new method is designed to give a better chance to those who have applied the most consecutive years.

"It pushes the likelihood of winning toward the longtime applicant," said Mark Osterman a Computer Analyst for the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.  It is his job to write the program that awards the points to applicants.

Maine Residents will be awarded one chance for each of the first five years. That's one chance for one year, two chances for two years etc. 

Beginning with the sixth year, they begin receiving two chances a year. That means they will have seven chances after six years, nine chances after seven years etc.

Beginning with the eleventh year, they will receive three chances a year.  That's eighteen chances for eleven years, twenty-one chances for twelve years etc.

Beginning with the sixteenth year, they will receive ten chances a year. That's forty chances for sixteen years, fifty chances for seventeen years, etc.

There is a flat fee of fifteen dollars for in-state registrations. 

Those who have been entering each year will be awarded the appropriate number of chances based on the schedule above. The state did not keep of a record of applications before 1998, so the maximum number of chances that anyone can have is twenty-seven.

You can skip one year and keep your points.  However, if you skip two consecutive years, you go back to zero.

Out-of-state applicants enter a separate pool in which the odds are higher.  They may buy additional chances, however they can only win an "out-of-state" permit.  Out-of state permits make up ten percent of the moose permit pool.




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