Mainers restore vintage canoes

3:55 PM, Aug 15, 2011   |    comments
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Atkinson, ME (NEWS CENTER)-- Restoring vintage canoes takes patience, time and money. Jonathan Minott and Bob Volock are the experts who bring new life to old boats at the Island Falls Canoe Company in Atkinson, Maine.

The two men work as subcontractors in the factory.  They sometimes spend a thousand hours making an old canoe look as good as new.

"They're often family boats passed down through the generations and they've been hanging in the barn for years," said Minott.  For some families, it's their oldest possession.

"I usually try to talk them out of it," quips Volock. After restoration, the canoes are only worth the value of the restoration. For owners, it's about going back in time and passing a precious possession on to the next generation.

"They'll say, 'Wow! someone did this by hand,'" Volock told NEWS CENTER. "Craftsmanship is important to these people."


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