Busy weekend for pyrotechnics!

1:56 PM, Jul 1, 2011   |    comments
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Farmingdale, ME (NEWS CENTER)--Central Maine Pyrotechnics will put on sixty-five shows around the state over a five-day holiday weekend.  It means lots of work and lots of fun for pyrotechnics.

Steve Marsen says his Central Maine Pyrotechnics Company is by far Maine's largest.  They'll be putting on shows from Houlton to Sanford and Eastport to Bridgton this weekend.

"I'm excited about the Fourth of July every year," Steve told NEWS CENTER as he led a team of six preparing for the shows.  Twenty-five thousands pounds of fireworks were being distributed by truck to the various show sites.  Shows began Thursday night and will continue through Monday night.

One of the workers is Steve's son Anthony, who has spent recent Independence Days in Iraq and Afghanistan.  After two tours of war-torn nations, he brings an interesting perspective to these displays.  "It's just good to be home," he said as he lifted another box of fireworks onto a truck. "I like doing this, working with dad.  Yes, this is good."

This week the Maine Legislature passed a law that will make consumer-level fireworks legal.  Next year ordinary citizens will be able to buy and use some fireworks that are not available to them now.  Marsen, who is a licensed pyrotechnic, worries that there will be some injury, but plans to expand his business to meet demand.  He estimates that it will be a two million dollar business and wants to be a part of it.  "My ambition is to open eight stores in the state and put about twenty people to work full-time."

He also worries there will be injury.  He intends to run clinics for fire departments and emergency responders to meet this new need.

That is in the future.  For now he wants to get through his busiest weekend of the year.  If you see "bombs bursting in air" in Maine this weekend, it is most likely his work.


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