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4:49 PM, Apr 11, 2011   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If you're planning on buying a bike this summer, make sure what you're going to use the bike for. Having a plan for your summer bike season is critical says Fred Robie of the Maine Bicycle Coalition.

Robie recommends that anyone who wants to buy a bike, even a used bike, drop by a bike shop.  There one is able to get information about various types of bikes and also get some kind of handle on pricing.

There are road bikes, trail bikes and hybrids.  It is important that you get a bike you can use.

Sizing of a bike is crucial.  You should be able to straddle the bike and lift the front tire a bit.  When seated on the bike, your down leg should not be straight, but have a little flex in the knee.  The handlebars should be a comfortable reach away.

Robie, who teaches safety courses for the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, also stresses an "ABC quick check."

"A is for air in the tires, b is for brakes, c is for chain and crank," Robie told News Center.  "Q is for the quick release.  You don't want your front tire falling off while you're riding."

The coalition has educated 100,000 riders in Maine and hopes to continue to make the process of "sharing the road" more comfortable. 

Robie also owns Gorham Bike and Ski in Portland.  He says that with gas at $3.77 a gallon, he expects bike sales to be really strong this summer. 

The coalition had a bike swap that attracted 1900 people on Sunday.  A similar swap will be held at the University of Maine on May first.


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