Gould boosts Maine Handicap Ski

6:16 PM, Jan 17, 2011   |    comments
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NEWRY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Gould Academy students are learning to become ski instructors in the Maine Handicapped Skiing program.

Gould runs a Winter Program.  This complements classroom work by getting kids out on snow.  Some attend competitive programs, others learn to be ski patrollers and six have chosen learning to be ski instructors at Maine Handicapped Skiing.

"I would say competitive skiing is more of a vanity reward," said Casey Craig of Gould.  "It goes a lot further because this is like learning, I don't want to be cheezy, but this is like life lessons so I think in all MHS is very rewarding."

Maine Handicapped Skiing is now in its twenty-ninth year and it just got younger!



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