Hunter says Remington 700 is unsafe

6:51 PM, Nov 29, 2010   |    comments
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WINDHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--Steve SanPedro is an avid deer hunter with twenty years of military experience.  He was shocked two weeks ago when the Remington 700 that he was hunting with went off.  SanPedro says he had the safety on and did not touch the trigger.

"I feel Remington has known about this for a while and they are putting a lot of peoples lives in danger," SanPedro told NEWS CENTER. "I could have easily wounded somebody or killed somebody that day."

SanPedro's buddies told him about a CNBC documentary entitled "Remington Under Fire."  It relates a dozen deaths and one hundred incidents to the Remington 700. In the documentary, a Portland police sniper team is shown discharging the weapon without pulling the trigger.

Remington has answered CNBC's documentary with one of its own entitled "Remington Shoots Straight."  It challenges CNBC.

For links to both productions, click on the link to the right.

Maine's 2010 Traditional Firearms Season on Deer ended Saturday night with no fatalities.  There have been seven "incidents" this year in which hunters were wounded,  with bird shot.

SanPedro and his friends hope retaliers will take the Remington 700 off their shelves.  He is adamant that his rifle simply discharged.  The twenty year U. S. Army combat veteran said, "I understand muzzle awareness and trigger discipline."


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