Mid-Coast Riders put on a show

6:05 PM, Aug 9, 2010   |    comments
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BOOTHBAY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A group of Boothbay women have formed a precision riding group.  They are so popular in the neighborhood that they are about to begin public performances.

They call themselves the Mid-Coast Riders. All six are moms.  They started getting together for fun and relaxation on Wednesday nights. The next thing you know neighbors started showing up to watch.  Then, the self-described "herd of moms" picked up matching sequined-shirts and helmets. 

"It's just so much fun to get together for some girl time, " said organizer Molly Stark.  The group recognizes that they occasionally make mistakes, but they have so much fun that it doesn't matter.  They are so much fun to watch that more and more neighbors show up.

The group will be having its first public show at the farm where they practice.  That event will be free to the public, but donations are hoped for.  That event is August 27 at 60 Kimball Town Road in Boothbay. That farm is located on a part of Boothbay that is called Barter's Island. It is a fund raiser for Ever After Mustang Rescue.

They will also perform at the Litchfield Fair.  That event will be on September 11 as part of activities on Breast Cancer Awareness Day.


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