Drive for Safety: Distracted driving isn't just texting

7:10 PM, Mar 31, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A lot of us have gotten distracted while driving, whether it's telling the kids in the backseat to be quiet, scarfing down a quick breakfast, or typing in a destination into our GPS.

None of these actions alone will cause you to get pulled over, but when it negatively affects how you're controlling your vehicle, they will.  State Police officers Anthony Keim and Roger Teachout pull over distracted drivers every day.  They say that they can tell someone is distracted when they're head is constantly glancing down.  Other signs of distracted driving include following too close to other cars, failure to signal, speeding, and floating from lane to lane.

"Most people think they can do it," Officer Keim said.  They're probably not paying attention to their speed, that's why mostly they're getting stopped; they're not paying attention to their speed."

State Police say that during the morning commute, females are the bigger culprits of distracted driving because they'll be doing things like putting on makeup and combing their hair.  On the way home from work, men are the more distracted ones.


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