Walton Elementary School

3:03 PM, Feb 1, 2011   |    comments
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At Walton Elementary school the staff developed a math program based on the Kinesthetic learning style.  Physical education teacher Josh Fortier developed the program in conjunction with other faculty.  Fortier creates physical activities for students to carry out in the gymnasium.  While each student is carrying out the physical activity Fortier quizes them on math facts using flash cards.  Children also must stop at various places along the way and complete math problems on a white board before moving on.  The kinsthetic style proposes that the physical activity reinforces the head knowlege and creates better retention.  Fortier says it's working.  Math scores are already up!  The program is just about a year old and Fortier has plans to continue the program next year.  One thing is certain!  The kids love it!

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