Camden Rockport Elementary

5:04 PM, Feb 2, 2010   |    comments
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A Camden Rockport Elementary student decorates his fish!


At Camden Rockport Elementary School students and faculty are settling in to a brand new building and a new philosophy.  They call it the FISH philosophy in which they all commit to play, make each other's day, be there for one another and choose their attitudes.  In tandem with this idea, Youth Arts, a local community group made up of local artists and parents decided to come in and do a workshop with the students.  Each student in the school is making a colorful fish which will be added to a large hanging sculpture in the new building.  Each grade within the school has its own base color matching the colors of the rainbow.  Then the fish are personalized with all sorts of different media such as paints, metals plastics etc.  When the project is done the hanging sculpture will look like a large school of fish in the shape and color of a rainbow!  Students have responded well to the program and have enjoyed both being creative and getting to know the artists.


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