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12:21 PM, Mar 4, 2010   |    comments
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At Falmouth Middle School students are broadening their horizons through a Chinese Cultural Program.  The program is part of a larger project whose chief aim is to integrate students more with each other and with faculty.  These "integrated units" as they are called allow students more choices for spending time with friends or faculty that they may not know as well.  Currently the Chinese Cultural Unit is under way.  In this program students learn bout Chinese culture, play Chinese games, create art, cook traditional foods and learn to speak some of the language.  The response from the students has been very positive.  Mostly they enjoy spending time with their friends but the benefit of growing student/faculty relationships is also a huge plus.  This program also ties in with the school's Social Studies program that investigates ancient civilizations.  Later in the year the unit will switch to "Greek Week" and the process will begin again. 

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