Schools That Shine

Schools That Shine: Madison Junior High

4:08 PM, Mar 10, 2014

Schools that Shine: Georgetown Central

10:09 AM, Feb 20, 2014

Georgetown Central School's Project Canopy is a multi-grade field project for grades 4-6.

Schools that Shine: Woodside Elementary School

10:06 AM, Jan 16, 2014

At Woodside Elementary School the students follow a "model of success" program, which teaches children that if you set a goal and work hard to meet that goal, then you will achieve success.

Schools that Shine: Child Light Montessori School

10:16 AM, Dec 20, 2013

At The Child Light Montessori School the students took part in a Harvest Fest. 

Schools that Shine: Monmouth Academy

9:25 AM, Nov 27, 2013

Mrs. Gray's social studies class took a field trip to a cemetery to learn about history, and ended up creating a community service project.

A new take on "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

8:57 PM, Oct 24, 2013

Caroline Cornish and Danielle Waugh played the ballpark classic "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to their tune with the help of some Sox fans at Dyer Elementary in South Portland.

'Sweet Caroline' with a twist

8:42 PM, Oct 24, 2013

Caroline Cornish and Danielle Waugh took their intrumental talents Dyer Elementary School and got young Red Sox fans in the World Series spirit with the seventh inning stretch tradition at Fenway Park, Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline."

Schools That Shine: St. Michael School

9:38 AM, Sep 10, 2013

St. Michael School in Augusta, Maine is not just being taught the French language, but all about the French culture.  

Schools that Shine: The Real School

9:23 AM, May 13, 2013

The Real School, on Mackworth Island, is providing its students with a farm to table experience.

Schools that Shine: Mildred L Day School

8:46 AM, Mar 14, 2013

Mildred L Day School in Arundel celebrated its 100th day of school with "100 ways to give from the heart" through a Communtiy Food Drive. Each classroom collected 100 items which went to either the local food pantry or animal shelter.

Schools that Shine: Lincoln Middle School

11:25 AM, Feb 18, 2013

Mrs. Peltola's 8th grade Spanish class has been a part of The Peace Corps Correspondence Program for 2 years.

Schools that Shine: Berwick Academy

10:31 AM, Jan 15, 2013

The Berwick Academy Innovation Center is a program designed to pair up students with mentors and allows them to pursue more research on an idea and/or thought of interest.

Schools that Shine: Biddeford Middle School

10:52 AM, Dec 17, 2012

Fryeburg Academy

10:49 AM, Nov 13, 2012

Fryeburg Academy's film workshop has included FA TV for 2 years. This student run news station allows for the students to do hands on work with cameras, editing, writing scripts and graphics. While FATV does not broadcast directly to the classrooms, they hope to in the near future. For now FATV news can be found within the community section of Fryeburg Academy's website.

Oxford Hills Middle School

9:01 AM, Oct 17, 2012

Oxford Hills Middle School's Experiential Learning Team is an all hands on cooperative learning program. While building a race car these students are learning to incorporate public relations, marketing and construction with their school subjects, math, reading and science. The students hope to get their car sponsored and race it at Oxford Plains Speedway next year. Learning life skills, building self confidence and staying in school is allowing these kids to prepare for their futures.

Scarborough Middle School

1:58 PM, Sep 13, 2012

 Generational gaps are being bridged at Scarborough Middle School.

Lyman Moore Middle School

11:41 AM, Apr 24, 2012

For 5 years Lyman Moore Middle School has sponsored an American Red Cross Blood Drive. 

Sacopee Valley Middle School

11:29 AM, Apr 24, 2012

Sacopee Valley Middle School is fighting hunger in their community.

Gorham Middle School

11:14 AM, Feb 13, 2012

Gorham Middle School students hold a "Day of Service."

Brunswick Junior High School

12:02 PM, Nov 11, 2011

Brunswick Junior High has been recognized as a national leader in anti-bullying efforts and peer-to-peer relationships.