Buddy to Buddy: The Peleton Project

7:59 PM, Apr 6, 2012   |    comments
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AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- We're 6 months away from the Dempsey Challenge, but cycling enthusiasts are already training for the October ride. There's a special group about 2,500 miles away bringing something extra to Lewiston this year.

35 cyclists are trekking from Calgary, Canada to Lewiston, Maine in 10 days to show their support for those fighting cancer, and raise money against the disease.

It will be a grueling ride through mountains; possibly even snowy; and a camera crew from right here in Maine is hoping to capture it all.

Laura Davis, with Rink Advertising, and Ramsey Tripp, of Trade-mark R Productions, have worked together for 3 years creating film projects around the Dempsey Challenge. 

This year, they've decided to take on the bigger task of making a documentary called The Peleton Project.  It follows the group of Calgary cyclists on their way to Lewiston for the Dempsey Challenge.  They'll be riding for 24 hours a day, taking on a gruelling process to show their support for those battling cancer.  Actor, Patrick Dempsey, is the executive producer of the film.

The overall goal is to distribute the final product to hospitals and cancer treatment centers to offer hope to anyone battling cancer.

To support the project, you can click here.








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